Online Children's Musical Theater Camp: Nurturing Creativity And Confidence

If you're looking for a creative outlet for your child during the COVID-19 pandemic, an online children's musical theater camp can nurture their creativity and build their confidence.

Here are some of the activities and strategies online children's musical theater camps use to help kids learn how to step into the spotlight.

Getting Into Character

Online children's musical theater camps need to create intimacy and engagement across a digital divide. One of the ways they can nurture a child's creative energy is by having them dramatize aspects of their daily lives.

Artful Artifacts 

When children are empowered to take creative control of their situation, they're more likely to approach situations with perspective and confidence. One of the games online children's musical theater camps use with children begins with finding an artifact from their COVID-19 bubble. For instance, a child might find a note from school or jot down the lyrics from their favorite song. Once they find an artifact, they will be encouraged to dramatize that artifact to create a distinctive voice, persona, or perspective. Students can workshop the dramatizations with their peers and teachers. When they're finished tinkering, they can present a super-cut of their dramatization to a wider audience. Online children's musical theater camps can also conduct critical commentary to help them better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their performances.

Life Parodied 

Finding humor in even the most difficult chapters of our lives can help us endure and grow. Online children's musical theater camps encourage students to use humor to poke fun at their COVID reality. For instance, they might be instructed to create a short musical number to parody the most ridiculous or difficult parts of their COVID year. This process can involve developing a melody, identifying parts of their lives they want to parody, creating rhyme schemes, and lyrics that provide the perfect balance of humor and observational comedy.

Collaborative Cohorts

When you're limited to an online setting, performing a musical can be difficult. Online children's musical theater camps foster collaboration and take innovative approaches to creating musical productions.

Learning the Process

If your child is interested in musical theater, learning how a production is made can be fascinating. For instance, your child might be assigned to a creative cohort with the goal of writing, producing, directing, editing, and/or publishing one scene of a musical production. When they complete their scene, it can be cobbled together with the efforts of cohorts to create a cohesive production.

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