Humidity And Art Storage: What You Need To Know

Owning art can add a lot of joy and beauty to your life. However, there may come a time when you cannot have your art in your home. Maybe you find yourself temporarily in a small place. Or, perhaps you're traveling and are planning to work out your living situation later. Whatever the case may be, in these and other instances, your art may need to be stored outside of the home. A storage unit can work well in these circumstances, but choose your unit with care. For best results, you'll want a climate-controlled and humidity-controlled storage unit. This can help to protect your beloved art pieces until you can once again hang them in your home.

Protect Paint

Paintings, especially older paintings, can be extremely vulnerable to high heat and the humidity that often accompanies it. When left in these conditions for too long, the paint may actually start to flake off. This can significantly damage the painting. And, if you leave it in this bad environment for too long, it can be ruined entirely.

Fortunately, when a storage unit allows for controlled humidity, you don't have to worry about these issues. The paint on your prized painting can stay perfectly pristine.

Preserve Wax

Paintings aren't the only type of art that can benefit from climate-controlled storage. Sculptures and other pieces made partially or completely of wax also require controlled temperatures. Without them, the wax will start to droop and, eventually, melt. This is especially true in areas that get very hot. Note, though, that even more temperate climates can still cause too-warm conditions inside of a tightly sealed storage unit. Thus, when you have art items that use wax, it's an absolute must that you have a storage facility in which you can control the temperature and keep it reasonably cool.

Avoid Reframing

Even when you're lucky enough not to have your art damaged from uncontrolled storage environments, it can still detach from its frame, depending on the type of adhesive used. Not all tapes and glues can withstand high heat, high humidity, or regular weather fluctuations. Having a work become loose from a frame may not be as big of a problem as having it ruined entirely, but it's still a hassle that you can avoid with a controlled unit.

Art is created with great care. As such, it needs to be treated and stored with an equal measure of care. In most cases, this means carefully choosing a controlled temperature storage unit for the works you value. In the long run, you'll be so glad you made this choice and so will the generations to come, who can also appreciate this art and help it to live on.

For more information on the benefits of climate-controlled storage, contact a company near you.