3 Types Of Authentic Arrowhead Artifacts You Can Find At Auctions

A staple of Native American history has been the carved arrowhead. The stones were typically made from rocks and minerals and featured a pointed tip. Typically used for tools or weapons, arrowheads offer a rich history and make a unique display piece for your home.

An online Native American art auction will offer authenticated arrowheads from different periods and you can bid on the artifacts in several different ways. Learn some of the common ways you can find arrowhead pieces and what to look for when you visit online auctions.

1. Arrowhead Display Case Collections

If you want to collect loose arrowheads, then consider arrowhead display case collections. An arrowhead display case will typically hold a collection of single arrowhead designs. The arrowheads were likely dug up on tribal lands or donated directly from the tribes. The auction will include the case as well so you can easily put up your new display.

The variety of arrowheads allows you to compare the shape and size of each piece.

2. Arrowhead Jewelry

In some cases, arrowhead designs will include jewelry. For example, a necklace may feature a custom arrowhead pendant design. Jewelry pieces make ideal displays within the home and you can find a number of one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces as part of an auction.

An auction may feature single jewelry collections or pieces that go together as part of a set. Along with the carved arrowhead, some of the pieces may include carved stones or other carved elements that enhance the history of the jewelry.

3. Arrowhead Weapons & Tools

You could bid on arrowhead designs that were also used as weapons or tools for Native American tribes. For example, you may find a small chisel that includes an arrowhead at the top. A small spear could also include an arrowhead. The in-tact tools create fun display pieces that can hang on mantles or in protective shadow boxes.

Some of the tools may include wear and tear from years of youth. You could bid on tools with authentic wood designs and unique elements. Some may include sets with other pieces and tools like an ax or a custom hammer.

Check out an online American Indian art auction to see what kind of arrowhead items they have available. When you read the description for the items, you can have a better idea of where each one came from and the history associated with it.