5 Non-Traditional Ways To Save For Your Retirement

Saving for your retirement usually follows a few pretty standard paths with little deviation. Using whatever savings vehicle your place of employment offers -- 401(k), 403(b), etc. - and combining it with both personal savings and social security can add up to a nice little nest egg after 40 years. If, however, you want to augment that savings with a less traditional investment, you have plenty of options.  1. Gold Coins: Gold is currently trading at over $1,400 an ounce and has always been considered a solid choice for investors.

3 Tips For Hiring An Independent Short Film Director

If you have a great idea for a short film, you could be hoping that you can find a good director who can help you with your project. When you're hiring an independent short film director to assist you with your upcoming film project, keep these three steps in mind. 1. Look for Someone with Experience First of all, even if you are a beginner with filmmaking yourself, you probably do not want to pick a director who doesn't have very much experience.

Dance Classes For People Who May Become Professional Dancers

People will get dance lessons for different reasons. Some of the people who get dance lessons are training for their future professional dancing careers. The people who want to become professional dancers will usually have to concentrate on developing a very specific set of skills.  Specialize In One Dance Style Category It's difficult to learn several different dance styles at once. Becoming incredibly skilled at several different dance styles is often too challenging for anyone.

4 Benefits Of Having A Climate Controlled Wine Storage System

If you're a wine lover, you may be wanting to take your wine love to a new level. You can improve your experience by investing in proper wine storage solutions for your home. With a climate controlled wine storage system, you will benefit in many ways. It can also be a great way to organize all that wine that you have! Keep reading to better understand the benefits of having a climate controlled wine storage system.

Three Must-Have Final Cut Pro Tools For Freelance Commercial Video Editors

Being a freelance video editor is a tough gig. It's not enough to know Final Cut Pro like the back of your hand — you also need to utilize a slew of plugins to make your work more time-efficient and unique. Otherwise your hourly rate will plummet, and you'll have trouble competing with other freelancers offering the same service. Here are three Final Cut Pro tools that will help improve your efficiency and creativity.