In Pursuit Of Authenticity: How To Spot An Original Embroidery Art Piece

Original embroidery art pieces are treasures that embody the skill, creativity, and passion of the artist. Yet, distinguishing these genuine works from mass-produced replicas can be a challenge.  This article aims to equip you with essential tips and tricks on how to spot an original embroidery art piece. Inspect the Quality of the Stitching Artists who handcraft their embroidery take time to ensure each stitch is precise and consistent. Look closely at the threadwork.

3 Types Of Authentic Arrowhead Artifacts You Can Find At Auctions

A staple of Native American history has been the carved arrowhead. The stones were typically made from rocks and minerals and featured a pointed tip. Typically used for tools or weapons, arrowheads offer a rich history and make a unique display piece for your home. An online Native American art auction will offer authenticated arrowheads from different periods and you can bid on the artifacts in several different ways. Learn some of the common ways you can find arrowhead pieces and what to look for when you visit online auctions.